I know a lot of people who pretend to be actors, who are just in for the glory - for the parties,the free gifts, the paparazzi and all that crap.For me it’s about the work. Of course you need fans and you need support. I’m grateful to the fans that I have, because they’re the ones who buy the tickets, and without then I couldn’t do my job. But I’m not really sure what celebrity means anymore. It’s all a bit artificial. What really matters are your relationships with people, your friends, family and loved ones. Work can be your passion, but it’s still work at the end of the day. It shouldn’t make you feel like you’re someone special. We should be congratulating people on any line of work whether they’re bankers, lawyers, factory workers. Where the celebrity bit comes into that I’m not sure, it’s all just a bit of nonsense. I suppose because it’s more high-profile, some people feel glorified. That doesn’t mean they are celebrities, it just means that their work is more noticed.
Aneurin Barnard (via caricevanhouten)